Tasmanian Grocer 
2 Willis Lane, Hampton

We are currently finalising our fit out which will enable us to successfully open our new store this month (August 2017).

The Tasmanian Grocer family look forward to welcoming our visitors and new customers to this new concept of offering some of the most amazing Tasmanian Produce, & introducing our new Victorian friends that will be supplying and supporting us with our coffee window. Doughnuts made in Melbourne, along with coffee roasted here in Melbourne.

There will be a pie oven installed in the next week, which will allow us to have our very popular Tasmanian Grocer Scallop Pies ready to purchase for takeaway.

This retail location will also be the home of the Tasmanian Grocer Hamper store. We will be able to create and offer our signature gift of food hampers directly from this shop, as well as our online Hamper store. www.tasmaniangrocer.com.au

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Please feel free to contact us via our phone number 03 9882 4377 or feel free to forward an email via our CONTACT FORM.
We can also be contacted via our Facebook page and our Instagram page.

With gratitude and thanks from The Tasmanian Grocer Family.



Visiting & shopping at our store provides an experience of seeking & exploring the wonderful volume of choice. Our shelves, fridges & freezers are adorned with Tasmanian produce for cooking, eating, sharing, entertaining, gifting & more.

At our Tasmanian Grocer retail store we encourage our visitors and customers to take time and soak it all in. Enjoy.